All Places in ‘Museums’

  • Brownvale North Peace Agricultural Museum

    The Brownvale museum is an agricultural and a historic attraction not to be missed. There are many artifacts including farm machinery, with over 30 tractors dating back to 1900, road-building equipment and horse-powered equipment. What makes these machines special is that they are the only ones in the province and most read more

  • Fairview RCMP Centennial Museum

    Located in downtown Fairview, and originally a RCMP residence, the Fairview RCMP Centennial Museum depicts a typical home from the 1920s era. With displays on the main and upper floor, basement and porch, this museum is literally filled with artifacts, displays, and photos that capture and preserve the history of read more

  • Fairview Pioneer Museum

    This ten acre parcel of land just north of Fairview will eventually become a townsite, complete with farm, oilfield, sawmill and demonstration areas. The artifacts are currently being displayed in the restored MacDonald school, Hull house, John Sweeney cabin and Fairview Agencies buildings, while other historical buildings, which have been read more

  • Spirit River Museum

    The Spirit River and District Museum is more than a museum. It is truly a stopping place for visitors. The museum is always bussling with visitors and local residents enjoying special events, swapping stories and enjoying the many, many displays. Surrounded by several historic buildings, the Spirit River and District read more

  • Nampa Museum

    In Nampa, “A Place Close to the Heart,” the Museum illustrates this closeness in its presentation of the story of Nampa and area, from the days that the Aboriginal peoples roamed, to the arrival of settlers to turn the land to farming in hope of better lives, to the challenges read more

  • End of Steel Museum

    END OF STEEL MUSEUM Bringing the homesteading history of Hines Creek to life. The End of Steel Museum opened to the public in 1985 and has been growing and evolving ever since. The museum celebrates the history of the Hines Creek area which is unique because it was the end read more

  • Battle River Pioneer Museum

    This truly unique museum is located 1 km east of the Town of Manning on Secondary Highway No. 691. The museum consists of a large main building, a cabin, post office, blacksmith shop and machine sheds. The museum offers a wide variety of artifacts ranging from antique dairy displays, period clothing and furniture to read more