Breathe Deep and Slow Down at the Peace Valley Guest Ranch

Peace Valley Guest Ranch, M.D. of Peace

Photo Credit: Move Up Magazine 

When you descend into the Peace River valley on your way to Peace River Guest Ranch, you are enveloped by an overwhelming sense of calm. For the duration of your stay, you can unplug, unwind, and simply relax in the beauty of nature.

Stay in one of the four guest cabins, play board games by candlelight near the warmth of the wood stove in the recreational cabin, and enjoy home-cooked meals (made without power!) in the main ranch house—a 102-year-old structure that was originally a post office, back in the days when mail was delivered by steamboat.

The land has been in the Allen family for 65 of those years. Bob and Lois Allen turned it into a guest ranch in 1990, and in 2011, their son, Dean, and his wife, Barbara, took over. Now they, along with their daughters, Keegan and Kristyn, offer rustic retreats for folks who want to get back to nature.

“What we really offer is peace and quiet. People can trail ride or hike through the hills, and we’ve also offered riverboat cruises. People come just to spend time around the horses, which is amazing therapy in itself,” said Barb.

The Allens treat their guests like part of the family. There’s no power and no indoor plumbing, but the outhouses are clean enough to be Pinterest-worthy. And that’s nothing compared to the food—each guest is greeted with Barb’s fresh-baked cinnamon buns, the T-bone steak supper is a ranch favourite, and so are biscuits and hot chocolate around the evening fire. Of course, a highlight of your stay will probably be the horses.

“Everyone wants to ride Elvis—he’s such a kind soul. But they’re all very well-broke. They have great dispositions and they’re used to people,” said Barb.

Trail rides, led by Dean and Kristyn, take guests through the rolling hills along the Peace River valley, which is prone to trapping fog in the morning. It’s a mystical experience to ride up out of the grey mist and see the sun glinting golden on the billowing swirls of fog. Once the mist clears, you can take in the spectacular view of the river below.

Less adventurous folks can unwind by the rolling Peace River, play horseshoes, or try their hand at panning for gold (pans supplied). Anglers can bring their fishing rods to see what they can catch, and the rustic décor and beautiful flowers around the ranch provide plenty of great photo ops. Autumn evenings are perfect for viewing the Northern Lights.

And, of course, there’s always the simple beauty of nature—the perfect remedy for today’s over-connected, stressful world. See what all the fuss isn’t about, and come enjoy the slower pace of the Peace Valley Guest Ranch.