Experience The Mighty Peace by Horseback with Horse Trekking Adventures

Have you driven down a dirt road, pulled up to an old rustic ranch, stepped out of your car and into a saddle? Harvey and Laureen Kosheiff have been providing this authentic cowboy trail riding experience for over 15 years.

Upon arrival a brief demonstration on how to ride our horses will be provided no matter the level of experience. Once waivers are signed, a volunteer guest puts on a brindle and gets jabbed in the ribs while the horses watch and laugh. Harvey will go on to explain how the best looking person will get the ugliest horse and measure you leg just above the knee to see what size saddle you’ll need He will then walk over to the horse wearing the appropriate saddle and tell you this is his best looking horse.

Now, the trails we take you on may not be quite as old as Harvey’s jokes, but you’ll get to see some old homestead sites and lots of wildlife. We have over 600 acres of trail systems at the ranch with hidden campsites. Whether you’re coming for a couple hours or for a weekend get away you will always get to experience campfire coffee.

There is something about making coffee over a campfire that makes it taste better. Some people believe it is the infusion of smoke, other people think it has something to do with the open fire, but here at Horse Trekking Adventures, that first sip tastes mostly of accomplishment as you gaze proudly at the horse you just rode through the wilderness. The second sip tastes like serenity as you sit around the campfire with friends or family with smooth cracking in the background. The newt few sips are the perfect balance of fear and excitement as you remember the winding trail through bush across beaver dams before you reached the cabins. How at first you were unsure of the horse under the saddle you sat on but became quickly acquainted as he took care of you with his steady rhythm down slopes and across logs. Before you get to the last sip, Harvey is standing there holding out the coffee pot filling your cup back up to full. Then Laureen hands you a chocolate chip cookie with a warm smile.

The ride home always goes by quicker. It could just be from all that coffee you drank or the fact the horses are tired of packing you around and walk quicker. Either way you’ll end up back where you started, and most of the time feeling richer from the experience.

Written by Jessica Kosheiff, employee from Horse Trekking Adventures.

Photos provided by Horse Trekking Adventures.