Q & A With Paradiś Valley Honey and the Valley Bee Café

Paradis Valley Honey’s, Valley Bee Café is a “sweet” place to visit; it boasts an observation window into the honey extraction room, an observation hive, a larger than life mural, bee facility tours, a community word search, handmade journals, and plenty of other goods created by local artisans. The community tables invite conversation and connection, giving visitors the opportunity to meet new people and also run into old friends. People of all ages come to explore the world of bee year round. Read through our Q&A with Ginette. The owner and operator of Paradiś Valley Honey & Valley Bee Café.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a mother of two, married 20 years to a multi-generational beekeeper who happens to be my best friend. Characteristically I am a deep thinker with a creative passion for community & sustainable change. Together we own and operate Paradis Valley Honey where we produce quality raw honey & pollen through safe sustainable methods while raising awareness of our industry through education and fundraising.

Where did your passion for honey come from?

Both Danny & I have a family history in beekeeping. Danny comes from a long lineage of generational experience where I myself had a grandmother who kept bees. I suppose it might just be in our blood!

What can a visitor expect when they visit the Valley Bee Café?

The cozy setting nestled in the Watino valley offers a diverse experience. One can expect to be settled in with a comforting beverage of choice, then led to explore the enticing observation window leading into our honey extracting facility. The dynamic of the observation hive is also one of our guests favourites; adults and children alike. After BEE-ing curious for some time and learning about the world of bees you would surely not want to miss the photo opportunity in front of our larger than life floral mural, your visit is a memory worth being captured!

What type of food and beverages can visitors expect when they come to visit?

The café boasts a line up of specialty drinks like lattés, macchiatos, frappes, specialty teas, protein shakes and more. There are also some more exhilarating options like our signature Stingers & Watino Fogs. Some fresh baking and breakfast items will also be found on the menu this spring. The café also features many handmade goods from local artisans.

What is the must try item on the menu?

You have not had a full café experience until you’ve had one of our Honey Lattés. They are one of our top sellers not only for their fitting name but for the abundance of flavor it boasts thanks to our raw honey.

What makes the Paradiś Valley Honey and the Valley Bee Café unique from any other place in the Mighty Peace?

The way we’ve curated our education process allows people to entertain themselves and their families for hours. It’s a special experience to be able to see the inner workings of a beehive and watch the work of beekeepers being done first hand . The curious nature of our guests make this a place people can keep coming back to for a fresh experience each time. Like the inner workings of a hive we are always buzzing with something new!

Our Honey Money Fundraisers also set us apart. Organizations across Canada can now sell our raw honey & pollen as a means to raise funds for their favourite causes; while earning 40% profits. We love being able to support community initiatives with our fundraising platform; it also feels great knowing that people who choose it are encouraging healthy living by selling natural superfoods.

How long have you been in operation for?

We have been at this location since 2003

Do you host any special events?

We have many special events such as our Bee-Curious Tours and workshops. Our Pop-Up Chef events have quickly become a community favourite. These fine dining, long table dinners give people the opportunity to explore the diverse flavours honey brings to food & drinks while catching up with friends.