Miserable Miles Race Weekend – Green Goddess Offer

The Green Goddess is offering a 10% discount towards the purchase of a Liger Balm and/or the Fathoms Below Bath Salts on her online Shopify store, that will help to ease any post-marathon aches and pains.
Liger Balm is a more natural version of the famous Tiger Balm and makes a great massage balm on aching muscles and joints!
Fathoms Below Bath Salts can be added to a bath to soothe aching muscles and smells strongly of camphor & peppermint – like a Vicks VapoRub!
Participants can use the code “MISERYMUSCLES” the offer will be valid from Saturday, September 10th to Saturday, September 17th for any Miserable Miles 2022 participants to use on either of these products.