Miserable Miles 2022


September - This event is now done for 2022

Thank you for joining us for the 2022 Miserable Miles event. Learn more below and check back in 2023.

River racing is a pure adrenaline rush where jet boats navigate the challenging waterways of the Peace River and the Smoky River at speeds of up to 160mph. Nerves of steel and total mechanical reliability are essential to success in one of the most challenging action packed sports around.

Each year, athletes push themselves to the limits of their endurance against the breathtaking background of the Peace River valley while competing in the Miserable Miles. The Miserable Miles takes place on September 14, 2019. Enjoy a fun and challenging 5.5km obstacle race that takes contestants over a 212 meter vertical ascent through the stunning vistas of Misery Mountain, located in northern Alberta’s community of Peace River. Finishing is the prize and the bragging rights are priceless. Compete for fun or for the chance to win the prestigious Miserable Miles.

The fun doesn’t stop at the end of the challenge. Enjoy the picturesque Peace River Valley at the base of the Misery Mountain in the beer gardens! Or bring the kiddos and enjoy a BBQ while cheering on your favourite team.

Miserable Miles couple
Miserable Miles hurdles
Miserable Miles view

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