FluidPRO 200 – Leg 3 & 4

10:00 am Leg 3 (Magoo’s Landing to Bezanson Bridge)
This is a shorter but still challenging leg of the race, with some tight turns and narrow passages. The racers have to use their agility and precision to maneuver their boats through the course. They also have to watch out for other boats and obstacles that may slow them down or cause damage. The spectators can see the boats zoom by from the shore or from a bridge over the river. The third leg ends at Bezanson Bridge, where the racers have another chance to refuel and rest.

2:00 pm Leg 4 (Bezanson Bridge to Magoo’s Landing)
This is the same route as the third leg, but in reverse. The racers have to give their best effort to finish strong. They have to use their speed and strategy to gain an advantage over their competitors. They also have to enjoy the last moments of this amazing race.

The fourth leg ends at Magoo’s Landing, where the racers celebrate their accomplishment.

The weekend wraps up with a catered dinner and awards ceremony at Better Than Fred’s, a local restaurant and pub. This is where the racers and spectators can celebrate together and congratulate each other on their achievements. They can also share their stories and experiences with other jet boat racing enthusiasts, who are all part of this awesome jet boat racing community.


Jun 18 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Grande Prairie, AB
Grande Prairie, AB
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