Content Creator Community

The Mighty Peace based Content Creator Community are a bunch of creative individuals who love to explore the Mighty Peace and share their experiences with the world.


What is it?
The creator community showcases the amazing people, places and events of the Mighty Peace.
Who's in it?
Creators of all types: Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, photographers, videographers and more. The community is open to anyone located in the Mighty Peace Region who want to share inspiring regional content.


We work with creators who align with Mighty Peace Tourism's  goals, strategies, target audience and brand. The size of your audience isn’t as important as your approach – we want committed creators who build community, tell inspiring stories about the region, post authentic content consistently and are positive, community-minded partners.


The community is designed to share your love for the Mighty Peace while building amazing content. There will be opportunities for sharing and collaborating (with Mighty Peace Tourism and other members of the community), meetups, learning opportunities, incentives and chances to further explore the region.


Explore different operators within the region.

Unforgettable Experiences

Enjoy Mighty Peace experiences that you may have never had the opportunity to enjoy before.


We’re always looking for creators who are passionate about capturing the moments that make the Mighty Peace unforgettable. Just tell us a bit about yourself using the form below. We'll let you know if you're in.

The deadline to apply is August 4, 2023.

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