Horseback Riding

The Mighty Peace Region—where the west is still wild, and cowboys still ride

The acres of untouched wilderness in the Peace River Valley and surrounding areas is home to a thriving horse culture. You’ll find summer camps, trail rides, rodeos, and plenty more to enjoy. Or saddle up and hit the trails with a friend—an equine friend!Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.


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An Experience of a Life-time With Horse Trekking Adventures

Did you know you can book a guided horse tour in the gorgeous mighty peace country? Horse Trekking Adventures (based out of the Clear Hills County) horses are well-trained, and the owners (Harvey and Laureen) are the sweetest cowboys around. Horse Trekking Adventures offer many different options for beginners and families, ranging from a few hours to a few days.

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