Horseback Riding

The Mighty Peace Region—where the west is still wild, and cowboys still ride

The acres of untouched wilderness in the Peace River Valley and surrounding areas is home to a thriving horse culture. You’ll find summer camps, trail rides, rodeos, and plenty more to enjoy. Or saddle up and hit the trails with a friend—an equine friend!

Horseback Riding Related Businesses

Horse Trekking Adventures

Horse Trekking Adventures is the premier guided horse riding company in the Mighty Peace. They offer many different types of horseback adventures in the Mighty Peace area, all of which are completely customizable to give you the exact experience you are looking for. Guest can enjoy hourly horseback trips, full and half-day rides or multi-day trips into the wilderness areas of the Mighty Peace....

Peace Valley Guest Ranch

We would like to invite you to join our family for a truly unique vacation experience at the Peace Valley Guest Ranch, nestled amidst the rolling hills of the breath taking Peace River valley. We would like to share with you our working cattle ranch, where you can experience the natural splendor of the Mighty Peace River as you follow its winding path through acres of gentle slopes. We offer plenty of rest and relaxation to soothe your mind, body and soul and will endeavor to keep our groups small to allow more personal service....

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Experience The Mighty Peace by Horseback with Horse Trekking Adventures

Have you driven down a dirt road, pulled up to an old rustic ranch, stepped out of your car and into a saddle? Harvey and Laureen Kosheiff have been providing this authentic cowboy trail riding experience for over 15 years.

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