Dark Skies

Experience Mighty Peace Region’s active night life—in the skies above your head

You’ve never seen night skies like the dark winter nights the Mighty Peace Region has to offer. Northern Lights perform their variegated dance in front of stars so bright, it feels like you can touch them. In the spring and fall, you might even spy noctilucent clouds—wisps of glowing cloud ribbons on our northern horizon that remind us that the sun has only stepped out for a few hours.


Chasing the Aurora Borealis in the Mighty Peace

Gazing up and taking in the Aurora Borealis, which are fondly known as the “Northern Lights”, is an experience that most people can only dream about. No matter how many times they’ve done their mystical dance across the sky, their magic never ceases to amaze viewers.

Just ask Paul Lavoie, a local photographer of Peace River who captures the Northern Lights’ beauty as much as possible.


Love the Northern Lights?

Drive up Judah Hill (Hwy 744). It’s a great spot to experience the night sky lit up by millions of stars, the big bright yellow moon and, if you’re lucky, an Aurora Borealis light show (the northern lights).

Add to Your Northern Lights Experience
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Dark Sky Viewers on Fence

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