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As soon as the flakes pile up enough for the tracks to dig into, snowmobile enthusiasts haul out the sleds and hit the trails. Sledders can enjoy the groomed trail networks maintained by our active snowmobiling clubs throughout the region. See the Mighty Peace Region like you’ve never seen it before!

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Peace Valley Snow Riders

The Peace Valley Snow Riders are dedicated to promoting responsible snowmobiling in the Mighty Peace and developing trails which are intended to form a network on both the east and west side of Peace River. Get out of the house this winter with your family and friends and enjoy their beautiful trails. Memberships/Trail Passes You can purchase memberships and trail passes in Peace River at; Mighty Peace Powersports, Maximum Powersports and Thomas Homes RV....

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Get Off the Couch and Enjoy Winter on Local Snowmobile Trails

If you love snowmobiling, these are the days you live for. And, thanks to over 185 km of groomed trails in the Peace Region, maintained by the Peace Valley Snow Riders (PVSR) snowmobile club, you can make cool winter memories any day of the season.

Trail Blazing

Once you're out there, there's nothing like it. On the right trail, you see and feel things otherwise impossible. Arguably, it's the most environmentally conscious way to explore and experience the outback while using a motorized vehicle, and with a

8 Winter Festivals in the Mighty Peace

There's no better place to experience Alberta's winters than the Mighty Peace region! While you're visiting, there are plenty of events to check out, from parades and tournaments to shopping paradise. Here's our list!

Cool Fun in the Winter Sun

Chill out on a winter getaway in the great outdoors of Clear Hills County