Capturing the Mighty Peace with Photographer Paul Lavoie

Taking a breathtaking photo has never been easier thanks to the many incredible, scenic locations throughout the Mighty Peace. Whether you’re an avid photographer, or someone who enjoys taking a casual snapshot, you will be able to easily find and preserve your favourite views across the region.

Local photographer, Paul Lavoie, has been skillfully capturing the landscapes and skies of the Mighty Peace region for nearly 15 years. Known for taking epic shots on the Peace River, showcasing many landmarks, such as the iconic Canadian flag granary and St. Jean-Baptiste Mission, and having some of the most exciting photos of the sky, Paul does an excellent job at highlighting the many natural wonders across the Peace Country.  According to him, the region’s diversity makes it perfect for photographers of any skill level.

“Within a short drive, you can choose from vast canola fields and wide-open prairie vistas to dense, lush forests or one of the most scenic valleys in the country,” said Paul. “This area is an incredible playground for photographers in all seasons.”

When travelling to the region to see the many sights and attractions, Paul emphasizes that you can expect to see a wide variety of landscapes, wildlife, and other exciting outdoor elements, such as the magical Aurora Borealis dancing across clear, night skies.

“You never know when you’ll see a bear, elk or even a lynx here,” said Paul. “You can also always count on witnessing an incredible sunrise or sunset on the prairies.”

For those visiting the area with the hope of capturing their next favourite photo, Paul offers simple, straightforward advice that will inspire you to explore and discover epic scenery to later share with your family, friends, and followers.

“My main tip for trying to capture the natural beauty of the Mighty Peace is to simply get out and experience the region,” said Paul. “Go for a nature walk or go for a drive – you never know what you’ll see or what will spark your creativity.”

Taking a great photo doesn’t always require fancy gear, and Paul recognizes that sometimes convenience and simplicity are often ideal.

“The best camera is the one you have with you when you need it! Although you can get far superior results with a high end DSLR or Mirrorless, it isn’t always necessary,” said

Paul. “I’ve seen some great images taken on phone cameras and they are only getting better.”

Although he’s known for photographing many different attractions in the region, Paul’s favourite thing to capture in the Peace Country is the night sky. The Northern Lights and millions of stars provide some of best photography conditions and he enjoys every second of it.

“To me there isn’t anything better than spending a night under the dancing Aurora. With almost a 360-degree horizon, I often have trouble deciding which way to point the camera because it all looks amazing,” said Paul.

If you’re just getting into photography, Paul believes that practice makes perfect. He encourages beginners to simply get outside and take photos of everything and anything.

“It’s not like film days where the more you shoot the more it costs. Now, the more you shoot the better you’ll get,” said Paul. “You’ll soon find what you are drawn to the most and you’ll be able to develop your own style over time.”

Photography is accessible to all, and Paul encourages everyone to take photos of the things they love the most. The Mighty Peace offers the perfect backdrop for those interested in commemorating nature and enhancing their photography skills at the same time.

“It’s okay if you don’t take award winning photos when you first start out. Take photos for YOU,” said Paul. “Challenge yourself to learn what your camera does and how different settings can alter your images. Don’t be afraid to start.”