Clear Hills County

60 minutes west of Peace River, 60 minutes east of Fort St. John, BC. 

Clear Hills County is home to several small communities, including Bear Canyon, Cleardale, Worsley, and Hines Creek, among others, with miles of untouched wilderness between them — ideal for those who love experiencing unspoiled nature.

Whispering Pines Ski Hill – “Have been a fan of this place for a long time now, the cinnamon buns  are out of this world and they have plenty of runs that have great flow to them. A hidden gem.”

Andrew Walker, Google Review

Kids can attend summer camp at David Thompson Bible Camp or Blue Devil Wilderness Camp. Snowmobilers can enjoy the extensive groomed trails available through the Peace Valley Snow Riders club, and ATVers will soon be able to use the under-construction ATV park east of Cleardale. Music lovers shouldn’t miss the Many Islands and George Lake music festivals. Camping, fishing, golfing, skiing, hiking, rodeos, and more — Clear Hills County has a vacation experience waiting for you!

5 Best Attractions in the Clear Hills County

If you’re a fan of being active outdoors and in nature, then you’ll definitely want to add Clear Hills County to your list of places to visit this summer! With many lakes, campgrounds and opportunities for physical activities under the sun, Clear Hills County offers plenty of chances for you to create some unforgettable memories.

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1. George Lake Campground

With lakeside campsites, hiking trails and pristine conditions for paddle boarding or kayaking

2. Hines Creek Golf and Country Club

As the second oldest golf course in northern Alberta, the Hines Creek Golf and Country Club is a must see this year.

3. Horse Trekking Adventures

If you’ve been searching for an unforgettable experience, then this is it.

4. Outdoor Excursions

In Clear Hills County, there is no shortage of lakes to visit and experience, which makes it the perfect area for outdoor enthusiasts to visit.

5. Worsley Homestead Heritage Museum

The Worsley Homestead Heritage Museum is the perfect way to step back in time and re-live history.

The Best Of Clear Hills County

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IN Clear Hills County

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    Carter’s Camp Boat Launch

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    Carter’s Camp Playground

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    Carters Camp Campground 

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    Clear River Campground

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    Clear River Campground Playground

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    Cleardale Golf Course

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    George Lake

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    George Lake Boat Launch

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    George Lake Campground Playground

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    Many Islands Boat Launch

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    Many Islands Campground 

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    Many Islands Campsite Playground