Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Dues

  • Membership due are non-refundable from the date of acceptance.
  • Membership with the Mighty Peace Tourism Association is on a calendar year basis.
  • Member entitlements, benefits and opportunities may change without notice

Membership Cancellation:

If you do not wish to renew your membership for the upcoming year, written notice, emailed to:, must be given 60 days in advance of December 31st of the current year. If notice is not given, your business will be automatically invoiced.

Member Responsibilities:

  • All members are fully responsible and accountable for all actions of, and all charges incurred by, their designated Mighty Peace Tourist Association(s).

  • All members agree to maintain their status as a Member in Good Standing throughout the period of their membership

  • Members not maintaining this status may lose their inclusion in any or all membership programs. Full or partial reimbursements for membership dues or advertising will not be available in these cases

  • The member currently holds the appropriate valid federal, provincial and municipal permits, insurance and license to operate, and agrees to operate within the bylaws of the municipality where the business operates. It is understood that failure to do so can result in cancellation or suspension of membership in Mighty Peace Tourist Association. >

  • Mighty Peace Tourist Association strives to maintain a high level of communication to members. This will result in emails communicating events, surveys for research, and newsletters promoting the region. Members can choose to withdraw from the email list at any time.