5 Best Attractions in St. Isidore

If you’re looking for a place that’s rich in francophone culture, then St. Isidore should be at the top of your list! With plenty of cultural experiences available, friendly residents and unforgettable local events to participate in, a trip to St. Isidore will leave you wanting more. This quaint hamlet is always bustling with energy and things to do and should be on everyone’s list of places to visit this summer!

  1. St. Isidore Culturel Centre
  2. St. Isidore Weavers
  3. Bar Bar
  4. St. Isidore Museum
  5. Francophone Culture

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1. St. Isidore Culturel Centre

Often seen as the hub of St. Isidore, the Culturel Centre provides a space for people to learn about the hamlet’s history, as well as participate in some of the most well-known events in the area. Here they host cultural activities such as movie nights, family walks and dances, as well as sports, including volleyball, pickleball and badminton.

Events happen year-round, so don’t be afraid to stop in and see what’s going on! The large gazebo out back also offers a place for guests to kick back and relax and really soak in the atmosphere!

2. St. Isidore Weavers

Also found within the Culturel Centre are the works of the St. Isidore Weavers! Here you will find eye catching artwork done by local artists who continue to keep the traditional crafts of their ancestors alive. Many pieces are available for purchasing so have a look around and see which ones draw you in the most.

Each piece is hand crafted with love and adds colour and flair to any space. Admiring the works of the weavers is often therapeutic and heart warming. Take your time and allow yourself to appreciate the elaborate efforts that went into making such magical pieces of art and be prepared to be inspired.

3. St. Isidore Museum

With a museum inside the Culturel Centre, visitors can take a look at how the hamlet was started and appreciate the heritage of the francophone community. Inside the museum, guests will be able to admire costumes, artifacts and pictures that tell the tale of how the community was established after originating in Quebec. Visitors will also get to see a train car replica that serves as a reminder to the long journey that families had to make together with their livestock. This museum provides a great opportunity to educate yourself and others and is suitable for the entire family.

4. Bar Bar

This cozy lounge is also situated inside the Culturel Centre and provides visitors with a place to dine and relax in. After participating in one of the many local events nearby or having a walk through the museum, guests can stop in at the Bar Bar and replenish their bodies by grabbing a bite to eat or drinking down a refreshing beverage. With a warm welcome to every visitor and a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, this is the perfect place to start or end a busy day of exploring!

5. Francophone Culture

St. Isidore is immersed and saturated in authentic francophone culture and is the best place to learn more about it. Whether you come from a francophone background or not, St. Isidore provides plenty of opportunities to surround yourself with the many wonders that the culture has to offer.


Between events, friendly locals, community groups and interactive centres, you are bound to fall in love with the francophone culture as you become more educated in it. Community members are always happy to share their culture with others and are the perfect source of information when it comes to learning more about francophone history. Plan your trip now and immerse yourself in an exciting and lovely culture that is bound to broaden your horizons.