A Cup of Community

A Cup of Community

No one likes coffee, they LOVE it. When looking for that perfect cup in the Peace, you have some great options. They range from cozy nooks tucked away from the world to vibrant community spaces where you will surely run into a friend. No matter what you look for in a hot cup, the cafe’s will keep you coming back for more. Make sure to pay a visit to these great community cafes on your travels through the peace country.

Valley Bee Café – Watino, AB

The Peace is known as a honey hotspot on a national scale. However one apiary has spread their wings and expanded! The Valley Bee Café is all the buzz around Watino. A welcoming community space that will transport you into the world of bees and delicious cafe dining.

Upon arrival you are greeted by a larger than life mural on the wall showing all the plants local bees need in order to thrive. Depending on the season, you may be able to hunt down the same plants on lush grounds surrounding the cafe. Once inside, the bee experience continues with a window from the cafe into the honey facility. No matter the time of year, you can expect some entertainment while you sit and absorb the cafe’s atmosphere.

The cafe features fun spins on classics like the Honey Latte and Buzzy Matcha Latte or even the Watino Fog. All sweetened with honey of course! The cafe offerings are much more than honey. They stock their own line of natural body care products featuring beeswax and honey enhancements.

The team looks forward to welcoming the community back with a little more space to accommodate them. With the bees needing an assortment of flora, there will be even more outdoor space for all of their favourite plants growing in the area. The expansion has been online also. With an online store and blog posts featuring local collaborators, recipes, wellness and apiary tips, it’s like a virtual trip to the Valley Bee Cafe.

Find it all by flying over to their website, facebook and instagram. We’re bee-ond excited about this hive of activity aren’t you?

The Old Bistro – Fairview, AB

With a variety of spaces to enjoy, The Old Bistro in Fairview welcomes you for a cozy getaway or a quick meeting. This quaint building is filled with the works of local artists that you can take home. The coffee is all locally roasted fresh from Wapiti Bean Co. so you can guarantee the perfect cup awaits. Try their seasonal special drinks with lots of great non coffee options in the mix for something different. Make sure to pair that with some of their fresh baked goodies! Find out all the rotating special offerings on their Facebook page.

J’s Java Domain – Peace River, AB

That classic coffee shop feel in Peace River. This newly renovated, warm comfortable space says, come in and hang out! Lots of great baked goods that are homemade across the board. Get there early on Saturday for their signature cinnamon buns. Not in the moods for sweets? The savoury soups should satisfy that need for a big bowl of cozy. Don’t forget the key to this local favourite is great coffee.