A Q&A With The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess offers a wide variety of high-quality skincare products, essential oils, personal hygiene products, teas, and handcrafted soaps. Some of the most treasured products include the whipped organic body butter, the natural and organic skincare and baby care lines, and the large selection of high-quality and affordable essential oils. All products are ethically sourced, plant-based, and some ingredients are harvested and wildcrafted right here in the Peace Country by The Green Goddess founder Sarah Keates herself.

Tell us about yourself?

I was born in a small community in Saskatchewan and my family moved to the Nampa area when I was a young adult. I have always had a deep desire to see the world and I was also very interested in health and wellness. This led to my decision to become a massage therapist. I worked as a massage therapist on cruise ships for 5 years traveling all over the world and became very experienced with world-class spas and their skin and beauty products.  Fast forward to today, we have now lived in the Peace Region for 15 years. Beyond my business as The Green Goddess, I am an herbalist, homesteader, avid gardener, and homeschooling Mom to three beautiful children.

Where did your passion for natural wellness products come from?

My spa experience combined with my interest in health and wellness planted the seed that would eventually bloom into what The Green Goddess is today. However, it was only when I began my journey of researching common (toxic) skin care ingredients found in our mainstream cosmetics that I really found my passion. I was shocked and enraged by what I discovered and that is when I decided to create my own product line. I wanted to craft truly natural and organic skincare products to help people take control of their own health.

What sort of products and services does The Green Goddess provide?

Truly natural skin care such as body scrubs, body butter, salves, and a complete line of baby care products as well as pain relief items such as headache rollers, Liger balm and Fathoms Below bath salts to soothe aches and pains. I also produce organic herbal teas, perfumes and aroma therapy blends. I also offer workshops where people can learn how to make some of these natural products for themselves!

What are some of the most popular products and services that you provide?

One of my most popular workshops is definitely the Stocking Stuffer workshop that I run before Christmas. Everyone in the workshop goes home with 12 mini jars of homemade natural skincare and beauty products to gift to their loved ones! My line of baby products such as the herbal diaper salve has always been very popular. The whipped organic natural shea butters are also a big hit with my customers! It’s very important to me to ensure that raw products that I use in my work, like shea and cocoa butters, have been ethically produced.

What makes The Green Goddess unique?

I think my passion and dedication to this field as well as my enthusiasm for educating people to become more self-sufficient by producing their own affordable, natural, and safe products, truly makes my business unique.

What do you see in store for The Green Goddess in the future? 

Since moving to our acreage, I have many exciting plans to expand our gardens and yard and eventually offer workshops on gardening, canning, and composting as well as continuing with workshops on creating natural skin products, and medicinal items. We are excited to be working with Econo Musee to create a new and exciting tourism destination in the Peace region that will educate as well as entertain visitors. 

Where can people purchase your products?

We serve the local community through various local retail outlets, the Mint Drugstore and Bodhi tree in Peace River, Riverside Ranch Decor in Grimshaw, Ubuntu Wellness in Hines Creek, the Dixonville General Store, Euphoria in Manning, The Whispering Tree in Grande Prairie, and Soul Peace Collective in High Prairie. Customers can also shop online through our Shopify store Iamthegreengoddess.com. We also offer free local pickups.

What is your favorite memory of the Green Goddess?

What fulfills me the most is when I’m invited to first nations communities to teach these skills. The first nations people were the true healers with the original wisdom and in some cases, this knowledge has been lost. I consider this is a great honor to be part of the process of revitalizing and rekindling these skills.  Another favorite memory of mine was becoming a mother for the first time and realizing that there was a need for a natural, high-quality, organic baby product line and then being able to produce and share these products with other mothers.

Where are you located?

We are located in Northern Sunrise County at Rural Address – 81527 RR 195. Travel 11 km East on the South Harmon Valley Road, we’re a short but scenic 20-minute drive from Peace River.

What is the best way to connect with you?

Follow our socials for the latest information. Customers are also welcome to call or email.