Indulge in Creativity and Spark Joy at the Fairview Fine Arts Centre

You’re gently lowering a bowl, that you just hand crafted out of clay, into a glaze and are preparing it for the kiln. Your hands are messy and your heart is full as you carefully maneuver through each step of the pottery experience.

You’re being led by a thoughtful instructor and you already can’t wait to try your hand at using the spinning wheels in the weaving room next.

Unleashing your creativity has never been easier, especially with the help of the Fairview Fine Arts Centre. Their mission statement is, “to enhance, develop and encourage arts, crafts and culture in the heart of the peace,” and that couldn’t be more evident.

Feeling inspired comes with the territory, and you’re bound to have a surge in creativity as soon as you step foot through the doors. 

When you walk into the centre, you are suddenly immersed in art that comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Different textiles, fibre art, and mixed media are abundantly found, and everything is lit up by bright, studio lighting.

The gallery wall is covered in images created by acrylic paints and watercolours and your eyes are drawn to the lovely creations that others have spent many hours on.

Getting to experiment with all forms of art is welcomed within the centre and the affordable yearly membership gives you access to everything within the building. 

But you don’t have to be a member to reap the benefits! Drop ins are met with excitement and all age groups are encouraged to join one of the many guilds or classes being offered within.

“The people who organize the groups are helpful and welcoming. Our whole point is to share art and the benefits that come with it,” says Diana Strid, who is the main employee that runs the administration of the centre.

The centre was built in 1981, and boasts numerous craft rooms, including a pottery studio with a digital kiln, a weaving room with floor looms, table looms and spinning wheels, a gallery where commissioned art hangs, and a meeting room that others can rent for special occasions.

Finding like minded people within the centre is effortless and perfect for those who want to learn and create.

Choose between the painting guild, where all experience levels and mediums are welcomed, the pottery guild, where you can learn the ins and outs of working with clay, or the fibre arts guild, where you can sit and stitch, quilt, or weave textiles and bring your artistic ideas to life.

Not only does the centre promote and encourage art, but it also hosts themed shows, masquerade balls, chili cook offs, fundraisers and live music. 

If there’s a way to promote and share creativity, the centre is bound to be a part of it.

Time spent at the Fairview Fine Arts Centre is never wasted. Whether you’re wanting to indulge in your favourite craft, learn a new skill or dabble in a different way of showing off your artistic tendencies, this is the place to be for optimal inspiration and creative support.