The Escape and Enjoy the Finer Things While not Spending a Fortune Vacation

With so much going on lately, we can all agree a vacation is long overdue. Let our vacation options warm and replenish your spirit—without breaking the bank. It’s as easy as packing the car and taking a little road trip. The Mighty Peace is calling (experience its magic).

Escape and enjoy the finer things while not spending a fortune on a vacation. Is this you? Looking to recharge your batteries on a budget? We’ve got affordable getaway options that will keep you daydreaming for months to come. Relax. Maybe bring the kids, maybe don’t. You choose.

Choose Your New Home Away from Home.

Want to stay in a huge, modern house in the country? At night slide into the outdoor hot tub and gaze peacefully at the stars? Try the Wildrose Guest House, just 10 minutes west of Peace River.

The Dunvegan Inn & Suites in Fairview offers complimentary use of the Fairview Aquatic Centre, which is a short walk from this smart, recently renovated inn. Winner of four consecutive housekeeping awards, they have a restaurant and a sports bar with VLTs. Their professional and friendly staff are sure to please.

Are you into winter glamping? Check out Rendez Vous RV Park—they offer cabin, RV and 5th wheel rentals on site, just 10 minutes east of Peace River.

Start Out with Breakfast & Keep Lunch in Mind Too

If you’ve decided to stay at the Dunvegan Inn & Suites, simply stroll into the café for a hot and hearty breakfast. They boast award-winning menus and the best homestyle meals around. Bright décor and smiling faces are ready to welcome you as early as 6am.

The Old Bistro in Fairview has great food and speciality drinks, a perfect way to start off your day. Hit two birds with one stone and pamper yourself too—inquire about footcare and/or getting your nails done. Catch them for breakfast or lunch.

If you’ll be on the east side of the Peace River, you’ve got to go to Farmers Restaurant in Nampa. The atmosphere they provide is unparalleled. Adorned with imaginative, handcrafted art installations, the modern décor utilizing antiques is truly memorable—so is their home, country cooking and friendly staff. It’s just a 15-minute drive south from Rendez Vous RV and a fine place to get breakfast, lunch or an early dinner.

Ways to Enjoy Your Day

If you’re in the area, check out the Fairview Fine Arts Centre Gallery and Gift Shop, just to have a look at local artist creations or to find one-of-a-kind mementos or gifts for the art lover in your life.

Then, dress warmly and take a 15-minutes drive southwest to the majestic Dunvegan Suspension Bridge. This is a must—park the car, get out and stretch your legs. Revel at ice formations and the pristine, untouched landscape. Let the sunshine warm your face. Make a snow angel or a snow sculpture, and see if you can spot others. Take selfies beneath the bridge overlooking the river.

If you’re starting your day at Rendez Vous RV, take a 10-minute drive east to St. Isidore, the hamlet that’s home to a profoundly strong and unique francophone culture—home to the infamous St. Isidore Weavers and the Carnaval de St. Isidore.

Pamper Me!

If you’re closer to Fairview, book an appointment with Hair Chic N Boutique for a hydro massage, among other relaxing spa services. Or, try Revitalized Salon and Spa, which offers holistic head-to-toe, heart-and-soul massage and pampering options. Both offer beauty care products and fun décor gift options.

If you’re closer to Peace River, try Zen Spa or Aspen Grove Spa. Visit the Bodhi Tree for a yoga session or to find health and wellness products.

It’s Dinner Time & We’re Hungry

If you’re in Fairview for the night, and you love craft beer and great food, go to Heilan Beer House. It’s a gem. Using local ingredients including a healthy scoop of community, Heilan is hard to beat.

Also in Fairview is the authentic Indian restaurant, The Butter Chicken Co. Participating in several renowned Canadian cooking competitions across the country, local Chef Moe Zubair knows his Indian food. This is definitely a local, and regional, favourite.

If you’re closer to Peace River, the Board ‘n’ Barrel restaurant provides a delicious “wow” factor of contemporary cuisine. They serve local brewery beer on tap, and they own and operate the fine wine store directly next door.