Village of Girouxville Winter Do Not Miss List

Located in the Smoky River Region, the Village of Girouville is an absolutely charming community and a must-visit this winter. Expect to feel completely welcomed in this quiet francophone community located west of Falher where you can explore, bowl, skate, play, eat and learn.

Village of Girouxville Top Winter Attractions List

  1. The Girouxville Museum
  2. Esquire Hotel & Lounge
  3. Smoky Lanes 5 Pin Bowling Alley
  4. Girouxville Playground
  5. Girouxville Outdoor Skating Rink

The Girouxville Museum

Spend a warm and cozy day indoors at the Village of Girouxville Museum. The museum displays over 6,000 artifacts that will take you back in time to the days when pioneers and missionaries first settled in the Smoky River Region. Expect to be wowed by some really amazing artifacts from natural history, the fur trade, hunting, education, photography, transportation, trapping and more. Call the Village Municipal Office at 780-323-4270 to book a tour – it is a wonderful way to spend a winter day.

Esquire Hotel & Lounge

The Esquire Hotel and Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy some winter comfort food on a chilly day. They have some of the most amazing home cooked food in the Peace Country and it’s all served in a relaxed, cozy and friendly environment. Whether you stop by for a coffee or a meal, you will be welcomed with a smile and great service at the Esquire Hotel and Lounge in Girouxville.

Smoky Lanes 5 Pin Bowling Alley

Spend the day bowling with family and friends at the Smoky Lanes 5-Pin Bowling Alley. This vibrant gathering place is a treasure among residents and visitors. They offer coffee league, adult league, children’s league, free seniors drop-in, and drop-in bowling all weekend from noon – 5 pm. Their fun and welcoming atmosphere is a win for any winter day. Check out their Facebook group.

Girouxville Playground

Enjoy some time outside at the Girouxville playground. There’s a ton of space to run, play and build a snowman. They also have a gazebo, picnic tables, benches and playground equipment. So take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy a sunny winter day at the Girouxville Playground. It’s a great way for everyone to get fresh air and sunshine during the long winter months.

Girouxville Outdoor Skating Rink

Enjoy a fresh outdoor skate at the Girouxville Outdoor Rink this winter. They’ve got a fantastic facility on the west side of Girouxville that is open seven days per week with a heated change room for visitors. So gather up the twirlers and shinny players in life for a fun day on this natural outdoor rink, and why not bring a portable BBQ and end the day with a winter picnic!

The Village of Girouxville is a friendly and welcoming francophone community that prides itself on being a friendly place to visit, live and work. The village is small but certainly offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages to enjoy.