Woodland Cree First Nation – Summer Do Not Miss List

Lush Forest, pristine lakes and rich cultural history on three reserves – the Woodland Cree First Nation is a must-go destination in the Peace Country. Take your pick from four amazing lakes for fishing, countless trails for quadding, gorgeous areas for camping, and you don’t want to miss their Treaty Days and Demolition Derby. The Woodland Cree First Nation is located 85km northeast of Peace River and 500km northwest of Edmonton on Highway 986.

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Quadding
  • Treaty Days
  • Demolition Derby

1. Fishing

Woodland Cree First Nation is the perfect place for fishing! They have two gorgeous lakes to choose from – Haig Lake and Cadotte Lake.  In all the lakes, you will find Northern Pike, and at Haig Lake, you might catch a Walleye too. So bring along your grill to enjoy that fresh catch of the day. Cadotte Lake is located 86km northeast of Peace River and Haig Lake is 60km north of Cadotte.

2. Camping

There’s nothing like taking time to be unplugged from it all surrounded by the peace and serenity of the great outdoors, and in the Woodland Cree First Nation, you will have a true Canadian camping experience. You can find unserviced camping areas at Haig Lake. Haig Lake is one of the most developed camping area in the region that also offers good cell service for those that need to stay connected.

3. Quadding

Explore the backcountry on your ATV in the Woodland Cree First Nation, and you are bound to have a day of adventure. There are countless quad trails, cutlines and so much to explore in the entire region but be sure to check out the trails at Haig Lake, Sawn Lake, Cadotte Lake. They also host quad rallies during the year – check with the Woodland Cree First Nation Band Office located in Cadotte to learn more.

4. Treaty Days

Treaty Days are a much-anticipated event in the Woodland Cree First Nation. This high-spirited annual event is open to everyone and celebrates Indigenous culture, tradition, and a ton of fun! Some of the games offered are axe-throwing, lands games, arm wrestling, archery, an obstacle course, knife throwing, and canoe races. In addition, there are tons of games and face painting for the kids, and everyone is sure to enjoy the traditional dancing, drumming, and trying traditional Indigenous food cooked over an open fire. Vendors will also be set up, and people are welcome to stay and camp for the weekend. The event is usually held in August but in 2022, Treaty Days are taking place from June 24-28.

5. Demolition Derby

Who doesn’t love a Demolition Derby and the Woodland Cree First Nation knows how to put on a great event! The “Big Bash Demolition Derby” takes place in Cadotte in the late summer where spectators cheer on drivers as they ram and crash one another in hopes to take the “Big Bash Demolition Derby” championship title. Check with the band office for more information.

On your next trip to Woodland Cree First Nation, pack the fishing rods and boat, and prepare to be wowed by the spectacular fishing at Haig Lake. Better yet, bring the camper and quad and stay the weekend – there are tons of quad trails and cutlines that allow you to see and experience the magic of this land.