Woodland Cree First Nation – Winter Do Not Miss List

The Woodland Cree First Nation is a stunning winter wonderland that offers amazing ice-fishing, endless snowmobile trails, skating, tobogganing and spectacular views of the Northern Lights. The Woodland Cree First Nation is located 85km northeast of Peace River and 500km northwest of Edmonton on Highway 986.

  1. Ice Fishing
  2. Snowmobiling
  3. Tobogganing and Tubing
  4. Skating
  5. Northern Lights

Ice fishing

There are tons of options for ice-fishing in Woodland Cree First Nation with two gorgeous lakes – Haig Lake and Cadotte Lake. In these two lakes, you will find Northern Pike, and at Haig Lake, you might also catch a Walleye. So bring your grill and enjoy a winter picnic with your fresh catch of the day.


The Woodland Cree First Nation is a gold mine for snowmobiling. With countless snowmobile trails and cutlines to explore, you will be in awe of the untouched beauty of the backcountry in this stunning region. Be sure to have your camera handy; you are sure to see plenty of wildlife!

Tobogganing and Tubing

Children and families are sure to have fun for hours on Sam’s Hill in Cadotte Lake. The popular sliding hill brings children and families from the area together to enjoy the magic and fun of winter. So bring your favourite toboggan or sliding tube and be prepared for a day of fun and laughter.


There’s nothing like an outdoor skate or friendly game of shinny, and in the Woodland Cree First Nation, you have your pick of three outdoor skating rinks. There’s one in Cadotte by the school, one in Marten Lake by the Recreation Center and one in Simon Lake right beside the store. So strap on your skates and head over to one of these great rinks for some fresh winter air.

Northern Lights

Gazing up and taking in the Aurora Borealis, fondly known as the “Northern Lights,” is an experience that most people can only dream about. But the Woodland Cree First Nation has plenty of dark sky viewing areas to enjoy the northern lights on a clear winter’s night. No matter how many times they’ve done their mystical dance across the sky, their magic never ceases to amaze viewers.

There is no shortage of natural beauty, peace, and tranquility to be experienced at Woodland Cree First Nation. Visitors can expect to be mesmerized by the dense and lush forest spanning this breathtaking region. One of the 24 First Nations within the Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta, Woodland Cree First Nation offers rich cultural history and pristine landscapes on three reserves; Cadotte Lake, Golden Lake, and Marten Lake spanning a total of 16,109 hectares.