All Shopping in Clear Hills No. 21

    • 17 768x513

    Raediance Florist & Gift Shop

    • Garden1 768x1024

    Amicis Gardens

    • 7028C113 A51C 4038 A272 BC881D61A115

    Hair Chic N’ Boutique

    • 18 1 768x513

    Riverside Ranch and Decor

    • Nampa Museum Summer  768x512

    Nampa and District Museum and Tourist Information Center

    • Weavers 2 768x512

    St. Isidore Museum & Cultural Centre

    • Fairview Fine Arts  768x512

    Fairview Fine Arts Centre

    • Rum Runners  768x768

    Rum Runners Liquor Store

    • Velvet Hand Designs Owners 768x768

    Velvet Hand Designs

    • Bay Tree General Store  768x512

    The Bay Tree Store

    • Bay Tree Boutique Bag  768x512

    Bay Tree Boutique

    • Paradis Valley Honey  768x512

    Paradis Valley Honey