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Trail Tourism in the Mighty Peace Region.

Mighty Peace Tourism is leading the development of a trails tourism strategy for the Peace Region. While trails are one of the most desired recreational assets in the region, they also represent a significant opportunity to grow a regional trails-based tourism economy.

Growing trails tourism is a destination development priority for Mighty Peace Tourism and our partners. Deliberately advancing trails tourism, and the creation of locally supported signature trail experiences, will help to attract visitors to the region. It will increase and diversify the mix of year-round visitor experiences that our region offers to both residents and visitors, diversify and strengthen the regional economy, and improve quality of life for residents.

What is the Purpose of the Strategy?

Grounded in good research, analysis, and meaningful public, stakeholder, government, and Indigenous engagement, the purpose of the strategy is to:
  • Provide an inventory of the current supply of trails and trails tourism experiences in the region.
  • Assess local support for pursuing trails tourism.
  • Evaluate the region’s trails tourism readiness.
  • Identify which visitor markets hold the greatest potential for the region and their interests.
  • Determine which trail experiences could be capable of becoming travel motivating signature trail experiences.
  • Identify the actions that need to be taken to optimize the region’s trails tourism potential and to ensure our region’s values are respected and the potential negative effects of trails tourism are minimized.
The strategy will consider all forms of trails and trail experiences including motorized, non-motorized, and mixed-use summer and winter trails in our urban, rural and backcountry areas.


Charting our trails tourism future is a shared undertaking.

We know that there are many ideas and opinions about trails and trails tourism in the region and we want too here them all.

Anyone with an interest in trails and trails tourism is invited to participate in the process.

Sharing your ideas and opinions is easy.

The survey and online web map is now closed.

Thank you for participating in the project. We appreciate everyone who took the time to share information, ideas and opinions. An analysis of the input is now underway.