6 Ways to Live on the Edge in the Mighty Peace Region

The Mighty Peace Region is full of wild country—miles of virgin forest, rolling hills, deep ravines, and bodies of water that define the land. Along with the wilderness comes wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer surrounding yourself in nature’s quiet beauty or using it as a backdrop to your favourite power sport activities, here are six things you can do on your own wild north-country adventure.


Are you a trapper? Or do you prefer to sit in a deer stand for hours waiting for the perfect target to come by? Whatever size of game you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Deer, elk, moose, bear, waterfowl, rabbits, coyotes, and more are all available in abundance in the Mighty Peace Region. Hire a local outfitter to guide you or get permission from landowners and head out yourself—with the appropriate license in hand, of course.

Horseback Riding

The rolling terrain around the Peace River and other watercourses and the untouched wilderness so ubiquitous throughout our region are ideal for horseback riding.

Mountain Biking

Trails throughout the region are the perfect way to get out in nature and enjoy the stunning scenery—quickly andquietly. Haul your wheels to Pat’s Creek or Misery Mountain in Peace River, the trails in the Hines Creek coulee maintained by the Dunvegan Nordic Ski and Cycle Club, or one of the many other trail systems in the area.



There are plenty of places to quad throughout the region—trails at campsites, along the river valley, or—depending on the fire hazard—crown land. Check out the trails at Tangent Park near Grimshaw or ride north from the Town of Peace River along Kaufman Hill. Look up the Peace River ATV Facebook Group to see what the locals are riding now—and for updates about fire bans that may affect where you can ride. In Clear Hills County, check out the trails at Many Islands Campground and Carters Camp or the Off-Highway Vehicle Park approximately 2 km east of Cleardale.

Jet Boating

The snaking lengths of the Smoky River and Peace River are perfect for high-speed boating. Launch your boat from one of the many launches on either river, including two in the Town of Peace River, one near the Shaftesbury ferry, at Carcajou, Pratts Landing, Carters Camp, and Many Islands Campground. There’s also a launch on the south side of the river near Historic Dunvegan.

Paddle Sports

If you prefer your adventures to be a little more laid-back and peaceful, grab the kayak or canoe and take it for a spin on Leddy Lake, Lac Cardinal, or the Peace River herself. Rentals and guided tours are available from Peace River Cabins and Outdoors.