Q & A With Raediance Florist & Gift Shop

Raediance Florist & Gift Shop in the Town of Grimshaw offers a variety of fresh cut flowers, indoor house plants, DIY Paints and Accessories and a wide variety of giftware for any occasion. Their focus is leaned towards Alberta and Canadian made products with new items constantly being added.

What can visitors expect when they visit your shop?

A friendly welcoming atmosphere. We try to welcome and greet everyone who visits us. Aside from our smiling faces you can expect to find a wide variety of gifts for anyone or any occasion or maybe even yourself.

What type of products are sold at your shop?

We pride ourselves at Raediance for our diverse products. We carry a wide variety of products including a baby, man and DIY section, just to name a few. We are continuously working hard to add new Canadian and Albertan brands to the shop. We currently carry over 50 Albertan and Canadian brands with that number constantly growing. We are trying to cover most of the bases when you come in to shop for a certain occasion or person.

What makes your different from other retailers in the region?

I would love to say what makes us different is our ability to adapt. We have changed and adapted a lot in the last year and became more flexible than ever before. Need to pick up a product later or earlier? no problem. Need a custom piece made? sure. Looking for a certain brand or product? We will try our best to get it in for you.

Do you host any events?

We have hosted events in the past. Our DIY workshops were a big hit for us but we have since taken them on the road and now come to you with our workshops. Hopefully we will be able to continue DIY workshops in the future.

Do you offer any speciality services to visitors?

We have the ability to custom make signs, stencils, mugs, and add vinyl to clothing items. In addition we carry an AGLC liquor licence so we can easily add wine or spirits to a basket or floral arrangement.

What is your favourite memory at Radiance Florist & Gift Shop?

Oh that’s a tough one – Ive had alot of really great memories with the shop. I think my favourite memory is everything that’s happened in the last 4 years and watching the store grow. We went from an empty building to adding a floral cooler, counters and displays to the little shop we have now filled with other small businesses that I couldn’t be more proud of.

What are you looking forward to most in the future for your business?

Growth. I’m looking forward to growing our list of Canadian and Alberta brands throughout the store with the plan to one day have only 100% small Canadian and Albertan brands in store. I’m also looking forward to growing as a better business woman and employer. There is always room for growth.

What word describes your business best?

Connection. We strive to make a connection with every customer we have and it’s been such a fun experience. We know some ladies in town like carnations or roses while others like any flower as long as it isn’t white. We have our avid Fusion Mineral Paint lovers and it’s always fun to hear about their latest project. We love getting to know everyone’s story and building a connection with them.