Q & A With The Peace Valley Snowriders

The Peace Valley Snow Riders are a group dedicated to helping families and friends get out of the house and enjoy the Mighty Peace this winter. Their mission is to promote responsible snowmobiling in the Peace Region and develop trails that form a network on both the east and west side of Peace River. Each trail has rest stops with fire pits, picnic tables, outhouses and firewood.

With many sights and scenery to appreciate, riding their trails is a must this winter!

Who is the Peace Valley Snowriders and what services do you provide in the Mighty Peace? 

The Peace Valley Snow Riders is the local snowmobile club that promotes responsible snowmobiling in the area and in particular, develops and operates trails that are intended to form a network of trails on both the east and west side of the Peace River.  The Club was organized on October 15, 2009 and incorporated under the Societies Act on July 14, 2010.

How much are Peace Valley Snowrider’s passes?

The Club is a member of the Alberta Snowmobile Association (ASA) hence in order to join the Club and travel on the Club’s trails as well as any other trails of clubs in the province that are ASA members, snowmobilers are required to purchase an Annual Trail Pass at the cost of $90.  There is the option of a Day Pass which provides access for the day  at the cost of $27.54.  Passes can be purchased at the ASA website (http://albertasnowmobile.ca/) or from local Peace River snowmobile dealers –  Thomas Homes & RV Centre, Maximum Powersports Ltd., and Mighty Peace Powersports & RV or Scanalta Power Sales Ltd. in Hines Creek.

Can you tell us about your trails?

The Club currently has four (4) trails:

  • Osmond/Getaway Cabins Leddy Lake Trail – this 40 km trail was the Club’s first trail and is located north of the Town of Peace River.  It has a staging area at Leddy Lake from where it travels north to Driftwood Lake located in the Deadwood area.
  • Baytex Wesley Creek Trail- this 35 km trail is located east of the Hamlet of St. Isidore.  It has a staging area in the Wesley Creek area from where it travels in a small loop except for the extension which connects the trail to the Village.
  • Smith Mills Trail – with the south loop at the east end of the trail added last season which also included an extension to provide  a Community Access for local residents in the Brownvale area, this is now an 80 km trail.  It has staging areas located to the north of Grimshaw near Figure Eight Lake as well as north of Hines Creek on the north side of Stony Lake.
  • Canfor Hines Creek Trail – this 50 km trail has a staging area in the Village of Hines Creek from where it runs north to an intersection with the Smith Mills Trail.

How many kilometres of trails do you have in the Mighty Peace?

 The Club currently manages 205 kilometers of trails of which the initial development and major projects to date are valued at $600,000.

What skill level is necessary to ride your trails?

The trails are being enjoyed by those of all skill levels however the Baytex Wesley Creek Trail is preferred by families and those snowmobiling for the first time as it is in close proximity to the area with the most population, is a loop and has the shortest run.  Seasoned riders looking for longer travel prefer the combination of the Smith Mills and Canfor Hines Creek Trails where a trip from the Smith Mills east end staging area to the Village of Hines Creek is 100 km one way.

Are there staging areas along your trails? What amenities and areas of interest are located at these staging areas?

In addition to staging areas noted earlier which provide space for vehicle parking and unloading of snowmobiles, each trail has a rest area located on the side of the trail which offers a fire pit, wood shed (usually stocked with wood), picnic table and outhouse.  The Canfor Hines Creek Trail offers the ultimate in amenities with access to the Village providing food, fuel, lodging and even access to a snowmobile dealership.  The trails also provide many natural sights due to the beauty and the wildlife in the areas they cross.  To tell you more would be to take away the joy of discovering these amazing sights for yourself!!

Are there trail markers along each trail?

Trails have traffic signage and trail markers to assist with identification of hazards and the route.  The easiest way to know you are on the trail is to follow the groomed path before you or the tracks of others that have travelled before you!! Maps of all trails are available on the Club’s website noted below.  In addition, there is a map along with conditions of use on staging area signs at each staging area.

Do you have any events planned?

Special events and other activities will be determined for the season at the Club’s Annual General Meeting which will take place in mid October.  The one event that has become an annual tradition is the family orientated Poker Rally, so watch closely on our website and social media platforms for the date to be announced.

What is the best way to connect with you?

On Facebook or The Club’s website at https://peacevalleysnowriders.com