Henry Fuller Davis struck it rich in the mid-1800s on a 12 Foot gold claim in northern British Columbia, earning him around $12,000 as well as the “12 Foot Davis” nickname. Spending much of his life as a fur trader on the Peace River, he left his mark on many places in the region and was known for his good business sense and friendliness. Today, overlooking the Peace River Valley and the Town of Peace River, a monument to Davis serves as a scenic lookout point and picnic area. It is a favorite spot for both residents and visitors alike to photograph the changing of the seasons, as it provides one of the best views of the Peace River Valley. The site is easily accessible via a paved road, entry point located near the Northern Sunrise County office, and looks out over the confluence of the Peace, Heart and Smoky Rivers.

Getting There:
From the Town of Peace River, take Highway 2 east to the top of the hill, turn left on Sunrise Rd (at the Co-op Cardlock station). Take an immediate left onto Fairgrounds Road. Then, turn left on 12 Foot Davis Road and follow it to the memorial site.  

12 Foot Davis Statue

A wooden statue of 12 Foot Davis stands proudly in Riverfront Park, located along the bank of the Peace River, downtown Peace River. The park is complimented by a children's playground, gazebo, and a beautiful view of the Peace River. A paved walking trail connects the park to the Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre.  

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