The Artistic Hubs of the Mighty Peace

Nestled within the Mighty Peace, the Town of Fairview and Town of Peace River stand out as vibrant artistic hubs, where creativity and culture flourish. These towns offer a unique treat for art lovers, photographers, and creative souls alike.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect mural to snap your next Instagram picture at, locally made art, or tasty, handcrafted brews, Fairview and Peace River are for you.

Each town has a stunning collection of murals that grace their streets and buildings for all to enjoy. These beautiful creations tell stories of the region’s history and culture and provide the perfect backdrop for memorable photo ops.

With vibrant colours, intricate details and thought-provoking images, each mural acts as a testament to the community’s artistic spirit and historical significance.

From the carefully laid out depictions of Fairview’s industrial transformations to an ode to the local plant and animal life surrounding Peace River, you will be able to find some of the most interesting murals tucked within these two communities.

Nestled in Fairview, a striking mosaic mural adorns the Fairview Fine Arts Centre, which is a tribute to Canada’s 150th anniversary. This collaborative masterpiece was brought to life by multiple local artists and portrays images that beautifully showcase the heart of the Mighty Peace and the nation itself.

Additionally, the town boasts other immense works of art, including a lifelike portrayal of flowers, grasses, and butterflies that create a mesmerizing 3D effect, as well as a detailed painting that narrates the local history and depicts the vital industries that have thrived in the community for many years.

Within the town of Peace River, you’ll discover an array of captivating artworks ranging from exquisite floral compositions, depictions of wildlife, vibrant expressions of Indigenous culture, historical portrayals of the Athabasca Hall, delightful seasonal scenes, to thought-provoking abstract creations. Each piece carries profound significance and serves as a testament to the remarkable skills honed by the town’s talented artists.

On top of these expansive works of art, each town boasts their own art centres, craft beer breweries and gift shops offering up local creations.

Town of Fairview

Here you will find the Fairview Fine Arts Centre, where painters, potters, weavers, and crafters can come together to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Inspiring all types of creators, this Fine Arts Centre also has a gift shop where you can purchase their thoughtfully

made, locally crafted items. Visit their gallery or sign up for one of their many classes, this place is a dream for those with an artistic soul.

If you’re seeking a fresh brew experience, look no further than the Heilan Beer House. With a unique and innovative approach, the local brewers have creatively crafted top- tier beers that draw enthusiasts from near and far. Whether you fancy a flight to sample the range or simply desire a refreshing pint, you’ll find a beer suited to every palate here.

Town of Peace River

Within the heart of Peace River is the Peace River Art Hub, a place where creators of all kinds go to enhance their artistic abilities and dive into new forms of modalities. Lining the walls are magnificent works of art that range from sculptures and textured acrylic paintings to bold textiles, glass art and once in a lifetime photography. Browse the art, sign up for a class, or shop their amply filled gift shop, this centre is guaranteed to inspire you as soon as you step inside.

The Sagitawa Friendship Society, a hub of Indigenous community and culture, houses a hidden treasure you won’t encounter elsewhere. The Hide n’ Seek Handicraft Store seamlessly merges creativity with time-honored techniques, offering a stunning showcase of Indigenous heritage and artistry. Glance through their selection of leather goods, beading, dot art and so much more, and you’ll soon realize that creativity never ends here!

Peace River Brewing is a thriving local destination that skillfully combines a passion for creativity with the growing demand for craft beer. Guided by the rich natural aspects of the region, this dynamic husband-and-wife duo has achieved remarkable success in crafting brews that authentically embody the essence of the Peace Region. Utilizing locally sourced ingredients and delivering impeccable flavors, a visit here promises to introduce you to your next favourite pint.