Unique Winter Experiences in the Mighty Peace

Winter in the north doesn’t mean you have to be bored and stuck at home! The Peace Country is a place of breathtaking beauty and year-round experiences. From the excitement of outdoor wonders to the warmth and hospitality of indoor attractions, this captivating region offers a wealth of options for every kind of visitor.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker yearning for the thrill of an outdoor escapade or someone who finds solace in a cozy indoor activity, the Mighty Peace has something special to offer you.


Workshop with The Green Goddess

Upon entering a Green Goddess workshop, you will be welcomed with warm smiles, a serene space, and an opportunity to learn more about herbalism. Owner, Sarah Keates, provides guests with hands on learning where you can create your own teas, tinctures, relaxing skincare products, and more. These gatherings are aimed at educating and empowering guests and are perfect for those who want to spend an afternoon or evening learning how to make natural products for themselves and their families.

Tour or Candle Making with Simoneau Honey

See what the buzz is all about at Simoneau Honey! This family-owned bee business offers up close and in-depth hive tours where guests can get an inside look at how their honey is made. Complete with a bee suit, these tours will have you feeling like you’re a part of the team. If you’re feeling creative, their beeswax candle making classes are a fun and engaging way to take home a personal memento from the Peace Region. No matter the activity, Simoneau Honey is a sweet place to stop this season!

Dog Sledding with Whirlwind Acres

Hold on tight – the sled dogs of Whirlwind Acres are ready to take you on a snowy adrenaline rush! Located near Berwyn, guests can enjoy meeting the sled dogs and learning about their history before racing around the snow covered track. Wrapping up the one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll be able to warm up around a crackling bonfire and indulge in a comforting cup of hot cocoa and sweet tasting s’mores. Fun for the whole family, this is the perfect activity to cross off your bucket list!

Tour of the Canso with the Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society

Calling all airplane enthusiasts! The Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society (FARS) is a great place to escape the cold and learn all about the Canso, a Canadian built aircraft of World War II. This non-profit organization provides tours rich in history for visitors of all ages to enjoy. You’ll be taken back in time to learn about the significance of the Canso and have a chance to see the mighty aircraft up close. Interesting, engaging, and unique, a visit to FARS will have you coming back year after year.


DIY Workshop with Riverside Ranch Decor

If you’re craving a creative night out with friends and family, then you must try a DIY workshop at Riverside Ranch Decor! Whether you want to book a private party or attend a public DIY night, you’re guaranteed to make something beautiful, enjoy plenty of great conversations, and take home a personalized item to add to your home. With a large workspace to utilize, guests can learn how to make wooden projects with chalk paint or create seasonal decorations to adorn during the holidays.

Helicopter Tour with Valley B Aviation

Take to the skies and see the Mighty Peace in a whole new way this winter! Offering safe and professional flights, Valley B Aviation provides private helicopter tours for those who want to take in the beauty of the Peace Region from above. With awe inspiring views, you can plan to see snow capped hoodoos, frosty conifers, rolling hills, and plenty of wildlife on the move. Book your adventure today!

Tour the Peace River Museum

Escape the winter weather and learn about Peace River’s vast history at the Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre! Home to an extensive collection of objects, photographs and archival records, visitors can dive into thought provoking stories, browse one of the many interesting galleries or partake in a fun and entertaining history lesson. With a quaint gift shop on site, you’ll also be able to choose from a wide variety of local, hand-crafted items to enjoy.

Tour the Nampa Museum

With two floors of features including Indigenous artifacts, fur trade exhibits, historical oil and gas objects, and preserved buildings and machinery, the Nampa and District Museum offers an exciting glimpse into the region’s past. Here you will be able to learn about the area’s multicultural roots and step back in time to when homesteaders were settling in the Mighty Peace. Take a break from the cold and bring the whole family to discover the rich history of Nampa and its surrounding communities!

Peace Valley Snow Riders

Thrill seekers will LOVE a snowmobiling adventure courtesy of the Peace Valley Snow Riders! This dedicated group of outdoor enthusiasts have developed snowmobiling trails all throughout the Peace Region for people of all ages to experience and enjoy. Each trail takes riders over deeply packed snow that is lined with towering trees and equipped with rest stops along the way that include fire pits, picnic tables and firewood. Ideal for those looking for scenic views and fresh air this winter, you won’t be disappointed with a ride through the Mighty Peace!

Local Ski Hills
Fairview Ski Hill, Misery Mountain Ski Hill, Manning Ski Hill & Whispering Pines Ski Hill

Ski and snowboard your way through the Mighty Peace this winter! Home to four incredible ski hills, visitors can choose to hit the slopes at the Fairview Ski Hill, Misery Mountain in Peace River, Manning Ski Hill, or Whispering Pines near Worsley. Each hill comes with its own set of attractions, such as 100% natural snow and diverse terrain at Fairview, 26 runs and a chairlift at Misery Mountain, exhilarating night skiing or boarding at Manning, and impeccable runs and warm hospitality at the well known chalet at Whispering Pines. No matter your choice, you’re guaranteed to catch some powder in the Peace Country this season!

Fairview Fine Arts Centre Workshops

Let your creativity flow at the Fairview Fine Arts Centre. Offering classes in painting, pottery, weaving, and many other artistic modalities, you will be able to find a workshop that releases your inner artist and supports your creative passions. With warm and welcoming instructors to guide you through a chosen project, visitors will be able to learn a new skill and connect with others in the community. Now is the time to take a break from the winter weather and treat yourself to an atmosphere filled with ingenuity and learning!

The Art Hub Workshops

Immerse yourself in art and try your hand at one of the many rewarding workshops at the Art Hub in Peace River! Eager to share their knowledge and skills, the Art Hub instructors are ready to inspire and guide you through many different modalities that will enhance, promote, and encourage your creativity. With plenty of single session classes and multi session courses to choose from, you will be able to find a workshop that suits your schedule and interests perfectly.


Workshops at the Sagitawa Friendship Centre

Offering a wide range of workshops, the Sagitawa Friendship Centre provides locals and visitors with the opportunity to engage in cultural, environmental, artistic and health related classes that are meant to empower and support all age groups. Using Indigenous knowledge as their foundation, this Centre offers a space that is inviting, compassionate, respectful, and educational. With a committed group of instructors, employees and Elders, everyone who steps foot inside the building will be able to participate in a one-of-a-kind experience.


Workshops with Grow North Gardens

Whether you’re feeling festive or wanting to add a cozy touch to your home this winter, Grow North Gardens has a workshop just for you! Using locally grown greens and dried

flowers, Grow North Gardens provides workshop attendees with a chance to build bold and beautiful wreaths, elaborate and intricate planters, or vibrant and eye-catching centerpieces and garland. Bring a friend and treat yourselves to a fun night out with lively conversations, great company, and a keepsake to take home that will brighten up your space while the snow flies!

Amicis Gardens Workshops

Embracing the winter months, Amicis Gardens provides year-round workshops for those wanting to create a unique and personalized creation for their home. As the seasons change, Amicis Gardens offers locals and visitors the chance to create beautiful and welcoming porch pots with fresh evergreens that are guaranteed to spruce up your space as the temperatures drop. With a comfortable atmosphere, friendly faces, and plenty of inspiration, you won’t be disappointed when you visit Amicis Gardens!